Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Angelheaded Hipsters Burning

Last weekend, my friend and I squeezed a week's vacation in San Francisco into 36 hours. By the time I boarded the plane home, my skin was burned, my feet were bloody and I had essentially drunk-dialed my own mother without consuming a drop of alcohol (i.e., it was really exhaustion-dialing, but that phrase doesn't have the same snap), but it was all worth it. A few highlights from the 400+ pictures (seriously) I took in the process:

Lots of bridges, this one shot from a harbor cruise. Not getting seasick on the harbor cruise was a lifechanging moment for me, one I'll cherish forever. I think I'll form a lobbyist group whose aim is to get more bridges built in Los Angeles. We will bribe senators and make annoying commercials to air incessently during your favorite basic cable programs during prime election periods.

Ample scooter parking, also lacking in Los Angeles. I only have time for one lobbyist group, though.

We walked up every hill in town. Twice. We only walked down half of them. I'm not sure how that worked. Something about city planning.

Dozens of cool boutiques, bakeries, stationery stores, etc. that have NOT fallen prey to the instant fame/hottest thing/old news cycle that all such stores fall victim to in Los Angeles the minute a C-lister barges in for change for the parking meter.

Mission district murals. They were so beautiful, I hardly noticed the overwhelming odor of urine.

A few other thoughts:

My iPhone 3Gs paid for itself on this trip in saved cab fare and/or rental car costs. The GPS combined with the Google Maps App public transit directions were always spot-on. Riding the Muni, the BART and a single cable car also added to the cultural experience, and the Muni drivers kept letting us on for free even though our transfers had expired.

If you stay at the Union Square Marriott, be sure to ask for Nan at the front desk. She will hook you up with a killer suite as compensation for minor mixing of signals regarding your reservation.

The views from Coit Tower are worth the hike up there.

Bringing a large, leaking bag of crushed ice onto a city bus will make you very unpopular with the other passengers (it wasn't me, I swear).

Lunch in Fisherman's Wharf--meh. Dinner at Dragon Well on Chestnut--still dreaming about it.


  1. Don't worry. The intervention isn't for a couple of weeks, which should give some time for your bloody feet to heel before we collectively kick you in the shins.

    Love, Mom

  2. Next time, come to Berkeley. Theric & I will show you around.

    Absolutely love your book by the way. Sara B. told me about it.

  3. Glad you had a great time. You're getting some really nice pictures out of that modest little camera. But then it is amazing the tools and settings even inexpensive P&S digital cameras have.

    I love cities on bays, and among the ones I've most visited (Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle), San Francisco remains my favorite. It's very frustrating to be sitting on a free trip there and not knowing if or when I'm going to be able to take it, but at least this gave me some temporary vicarious relief. Maybe if you put some of the other 400 pics online in a Shutterfly or Flickr or Picassa album, I get even more (or get more antsy to take our trip).