Monday, March 15, 2010

Etsy Monday -- Mallard Purse

In green for St. Patrick's Day...

For those of you who have seen prior incarnations of my shoulder bags and zippered purses, I am happy to report that I feel I have finally perfected how to do it. The main difference is that I have reinforced the whole thing with a super-stiff interfacing so that it truly stands on its own. Other things new to this bag are the awesome, custom powder-coated heavy-duty hardware I ordered and the fact that I have abandoned the use of vinyl for an all-canvas bag.

Sorry to go on and on... I try not to talk up my own Etsy work to the point of puffery here, but I love this little guy and think I will have to donate this first one to myself for use for promotional and general change-carrying purposes. I've got some similar horse bags nearly completed, but think I will delay listing them until the coming weeks in order to give myself a little bit of an Etsy break.

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