Friday, March 19, 2010

Now experiencing Kogi withdrawal

Fact One: There is a TON of good food by my new place, not to mention the Bay Area as a whole, and I have barely scratched the surface on sampling it, so I'm sure some new favorite haunts will be developed in the near future.

Fact Two: Both calorie and cash-wise, I have been working hard at eating out less. When I was living and working in Los Angeles, I think I ate out an average of 12 times per week (every day but Sunday for lunch and a few breakfasts and dinners to boot). I have now successfully curbed this to three times per week. I should be proud of that and stick with the program, right?

Fact Three: Despite Facts One and Two, I sometimes find myself craving LA food that is unavailable to me here, namely the following:

1) Kogi tacos. LA's infamous Korean BBQ taco truck that also serves hamburgers. Absolutely nothing in the world tastes like it. Although it was only around my last little while in LA, the former roommate and I may have spent a late night or five racing around town and parking illegally just to wait in line at the truck.

2) Tito's tacos. Old school tacos. Very cheap. I love their quasi-authentic quacamole/sauce/dip and their super-thick chips. (And I hope you all clicked the link and enjoyed that new jingle they've got on their website in both English and Spanish.)

3) A decent shawarma. I lived the Persian part of town in LA, and we had great Middle Eastern food within walking distance--Zankou and Sunnin were favorites.

4) Urth Caffe tortilla soup. Yum. I am working hard on perfecting my own recipe for home consumption, but it is difficult when you don't have the real thing to compare it against.

5) Also, would it kill them to build a Wahoo's closer than Palo Alto? I assure you, I haven't driven the substantial distance to satisfy my green sauce craving. Yet.


  1. Mmmm ... now, I want to move to L.A. And buy a larger pant size. Kudos to you for eating less. I think I overdid it in AZ. Sadly, we're lacking in good Mexican out here, though you can get a good shawarma. And pizza. (But not together preferably.)

  2. First off, I ate a little Wahoo's for lunch today in your honor. Can you smell the green sauce on my breath? Also, I am hoping that you might be willing to stretch your "three meals out a week" policy when I am there next weekend so that I can fully partake in the Bay Area cuisine.

  3. What does it say about our family that we have been magnetically drawn to this particular post.

    Amy ... I can smell your breath from here and it smells like extra Wahoos green sauce on the side.