Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

This week, I have found myself marveling at a few of the simple yet great things of my new life up North, such as...

Fishy ice cubes in my Diet Coke (caffeine-free, mind you; I think I'm on track again)...

... Ample room in my kitchen cabinets for all my quirky stuff, like red lunch baskets awaiting a barbecue that never seems to happen...

... and, finally, a fuzzy, soft blanket on my new comfy couch.


  1. Love, love the fish icecubes.

    And the comfy couch.

  2. I love the fish ice cubes too. Where did you get them?

  3. I need to see a full-frontal view of the couch, PLEASE!

  4. Leigh, the ice cube trays are from IKEA, natch. I was desperate for some ice cubes and was there and they don't have regular ones. They also have flowers, starfish, hearts and rectangles, but my rectangle ice always break upon removing from the tray. $1.99, I think, but it takes almost a whole tray to fill a glass.

    Aims, I will take a living room shot as soon as I get some sun up here, I promise.