Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I've been working on a new Internet look for myself for awhile and finally launched it tonight/this morning (it may have taken longer than I expected). Anyhow, check out the blog, the website and my Twitter page. Soon, I'll be updating the Facebook fan page (still feel silly saying that), launching a mobile site and providing an RSS feed for this blog, Twitter and Facebook updates on the homepage of my website. I would have done it tonight, but after trying out about twenty different widgets, I couldn't find one without a totally cheesy look. Alas, it seems that learning how to write my own widget is next on the to-do list unless anyone has any fabulous suggestions.

Have I ever mentioned how uncomfortable it makes me to constantly promote myself in such a manner? And yet, I know I need to do a better job at it. Consider yourselves warned.


  1. So maybe praise from your sister isn't as valuable ... but remember that I and your pen name are more distantly related.

    Anyway, I HEART this redesign. It's very urban chic. (Is that a good thing? I mean it to be.) I dig the "Let's be friends" graphic especially, along with that cute pic.

    E asked me, "Why is she so pretty? Does she do something?" I had to lament, "Nope, she was just born that way. The first kid gets all the cute genetics." E was happy about that.

    Keep the promotions up!

  2. Of course E liked it ... it's all PINK. I personally love, love, love it. Now ... go take a nap because I personally know that you were up WAY too late (young lady!)doing this.

  3. Tres cool! (or should that be fresco mucho?)