Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Etsy Monday--Big Ben Screen Prints

Yes, I know it's Tuesday again, but this time cloudy weather prevented me from taking the photos I needed to post on Monday. But enough about that...

Whenever I take pictures of my prints in frames, I like to surround them with vases, figurines, what have you in order to create a vignette of sorts. I have lots of modern vases and such, but they are all in storage somewhere in Oakland. Fortunately, my mom, at whose house I am presently vacationing and printmaking, has an ample supply of home decor items for me to use.

For example, these are three white pitchers I gathered up as possible participants in the Big Ben photo, but decided against using.

And this is just a sampling of other such pitchers and vases that I found while conducting an impromptu three-minute photo tour of her house:

As you might have guessed, she wasn't home at the time.

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  1. And ... as you can probably guess ... I will not be leaving again. Turns out there are some shenanigans going on with the mice while the cat is away.

    And yes, I also realize that a twelve-step program may be in order.