Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a Mystery

So, if I haven't mentioned it before, I continue to be amazed by those of you who not only took the time to read my book, Gravity vs. the Girl, but to spread awareness about it via word of mouth, your blog, etc. (for instance, this latest blurb from an actual, real, certifiable, published author here.) I try to express direct thanks for those mentions that make their way to me through my Google alert--but if I missed one, please know how grateful I am.

The Kindle version of the book has also had a little surge in popularity as of late. I can tell from the "customers who bought this item also bought" feature on Amazon that the source of the new sales are Kindle owners who read really cheap self-published romance novels. If that is my new demographic, then I embrace them wholeheartedly. Thanks to them, the book occasionally makes its way onto a couple of Amazon's "Popular in this Category" lists. See, for example, this screenshot from yesterday:

As you can see, GvsG was number 6 in the "Books > Entertainment > Humor" category and number 40 in the "Kindle Books > Mysteries & Thrillers > Thrillers > Legal."

Great news, right? Well, not if you bought the book hoping for a riveting legal thriller, because you were probably royally disappointed. The pink cover devoid of any images of gavels or the scales of justice should have tipped you off. Still, I have a feeling I may have confused Amazon's autobot category determiner by using the words attorney and ghost so often in the book. My sincerest apologies, autobot.


  1. wow - very cool! congratulations!

  2. It is great that you can track it. I love recommending it and always get glowing feedback!